Life Happens

So much for starting a blog and keeping up with it!  I promise I had grand intentions of posting some random, mind-blowing rant daily but alas, life happens.  We have had quite an eventful past two weeks and I have had numerous opportunities to keep my focus where it should be.  I have at times been successful and others, well,  we’ll just go with “not so much.”


Here’s a rundown of our adventures 🙂

  • March 30

Sunday night, hours before Spring Break would begin, I received an unexpected phone call from my sister in Louisiana.  My step-dad had passed away earlier that evening.  Without going into personal details, he went quickly and unexpectedly.  So our Spring Break was thrust forth into a totally different direction than originally planned.

Now, don’t misunderstand me.  We love, love, love travelling to Louisiana and of course it was not even an option to NOT go.  However, I am a list maker and a planner.  I plan for a trip back home for at least two weeks before we leave.  I had less than 36 hours this go ’round.  On top of the time crunch, it was an emotional day and a half.  I’ve lost two other family members in Louisiana since I’ve moved to Georgia in 2000.  However, I happened to be in town both times.  This experience was so different and so difficult for me.  I so badly wanted to be there for my mom.  I didn’t care that I’d be there for her in 36ish hours, I needed to be there NOW.  As I type this I realize just how truly blessed I am to have been so close for each of the others.

  • March 31

About 12 hours before we left, our car broke down… on the side of the road as Jason was returning home from work.  Thank you Jesus it wasn’t the van we were planning to make the trip in.  But STRESS nonetheless!!!  We had no choice but to have it towed to our house and leave it there while we were gone.

  • April 1

April Fools Day…I wish!  So we finally finished throwing stuff together, literally, around 4am and piled the five younger kids into the van to takeoff.  At this point Jason had been awake and working for the past 22 hours.  We left almost as soon as he returned from a night job.  A few hours into the trip I hear a sound like metal banging under the van.  I surely didn’t want a tire to fly off while I was driving so we pulled over and it was the turn signal light cover thingy.  I really don’t know what it’s called!  So Jason secured it back in there and we were off again….for about 30 minutes.  This time the tire was wobbly and we figured it was about to blow so we got off at the next exit and Praise God, there was a Wal-Mart.  We ended up getting two new tires.  I didn’t know this but Jason was planning to get tires the day before but sat on the side of the road waiting for the tow truck instead.  Wal-Mart said 20ish minutes but, nah, over an hour later we get back on the road.

Finally we arrive at my Paw Paw’s house to visit for a bit before heading to my moms.  LONGEST TRIP EVER!!  Well, until the trip home, anyway.  As we’re leaving Paw Paw’s, I ask Jason if he took that light cover thingy off.  His response, “No, Why?”  No reason, there’s just a hole in the car where it once was!?!  What?!?  The only thing we can guess is that somewhere along the interstate it just fell off!

Finally, and I mean the finally where you breathe out so deeply you slouch down in your chair,  we made it to my mom’s house.  After hugs, kisses and many tears we were able to spend some time with her and just be there for her.

  • April 2 – April 10 

The next eight days were spent just being there, doing whatever we felt like my mom needed.  I’m so thankful we were financially able to drop everything and run down there.  There have been many times when I just don’t know how we would’ve made it happen.  Besides Bethany being sick almost the entire time down there, it was pretty uneventful considering the reason for the trip.

  • April 10

The trip home was another story.  Jason had left Thursday the 4th with his mom and sister, who drove up for the services.  So it was just me and 5 kids ages 2 – 12.  Let’s just say we stopped for potty breaks more than I can count on one hand!  They do not pee this much at home!  Anyway, so with all the stops and the fighting, arguing and yelling  This was the LONGEST TRIP EVER!!

  • April 11 – April 15

Since we’ve been home, and yes I made it without losing any van pieces this time, we have managed to do school one day…one lousy day.  These kids are going to be upset when summer gets here and we still have 2 weeks to go.  But, oh well!  I had to get the house back in order upon returning!  Today I spent hours, multiple hours searching for an envelope that contained all 7 kids social security cards.  I finally found it but today was shot!  All I had to do was think about standing in line at the Social Security Office to get not one, but 7 replacement cards.  I was motivated to jump right up and start tearing through something else looking!


So I totally apologize for the length of the post, and totally can’t promise it won’t ever be this long again, but here is why I created a blog with a Facebook page and then fell off the face of the earth!


Lord, thank you for your provision to travel to Louisiana.  Thank you even though we had misadventures, we were taken care of by you.  Forgive us for the time wasted stressing about the negative and not praising You for it all.  Thank you for a quick and cheap-er fix to the broke down car (It wasn’t the $1500 transmission we though, but a $408 fix).

Lord, please forgive me for not taking the time to get to know my step-dad Rodney better.  I’m forever in debt to him for loving my mom and caring for her.  Thank you Jesus for paving the way for us to be reunited with him one day.  Wrap your arms around my mom and comfort her in the days to come.  Give me the words to speak to give her hope and peace.  Thank you for the friends and family in her life that are close enough to physically comfort and care for her.

Forgive me for taking my eyes off of you and losing control.  Guide me as I parent these precious children you have trusted me with.

In the precious name of Jesus,  Amen.